Tamarixia Tracker is the easy way to track and report your wasp releases

Desktop App for Mac and Windows

Tamarixia radiata is a beneficial wasp that attacks Asian citrus psyllid, which transmits citrus greening disease. Tamarixia Tracker is an easy-to-use desktop app for tracking and reporting your vital wasp release data to the Dundee Biological Control Laboratory.

iPhone and iPad

The mobile app runs on iPhone and iPad. Collect real-time wasp biocontrol and release data in the field, then sync back to your main computer at your office.

Summary reports and data export

Point and click to produce detailed and summary reports sorted by site and date. With Acrobat PDF software, easily combine Tamarixia data with your summary reports to share with the lab.


The full story of Tamarixia Tracker

We independently designed Tamarixia Tracker to help us in the state wasp release program

What is Tamarixia Tracker?

As told in our full story, we started working with the Dundee Biological Control Laboratory to release Tamarixia wasps. We soon realized we'd have a lot of forms on our hands. So, our company created Tamarixia Tracker, an app for managing vital wasp data. We designed the app for our own internal use, but it’s working well enough that others may benefit from it. So, we decided to offer it to others in the Tamarixia Release Program.

How does Tamarixia Tracker help?

  • Simplifies filling out release forms...

    Instead of working with a lot of report forms, simply enter data into Tamarixia Tracker and let the app organize your reports.

  • iPhone and iPad versions...

    Sometimes, it's better to record real-time data in the field to save time back at the office. The app runs natively on both iPhone and iPad within FileMaker Go. You can sync mobile data back to the desktop version.

  • Makes reporting easy...

    Much of the work on reporting data is organizing reports before sending them to the lab. When used with Acrobat PDF software, simply combine PDFs of your release data and summary reports into a single file to make it all easier to manage.


Check out our screencast

If you're interested in Tamarixia Tracker, take a look at our screencast here to see if it's an app you'd like to use. If so, contact us using the web form at the top of the page. Trouble viewing? Try our other site.

Our Philosophy

Psyllid control is complicated. We want to simplify it. One way to do that is with easy-to-use citrus apps for organizing and sharing data. In this case, we designed an app to help us with our Tamarixia Release Program. We needed a quick way to provide the state with vital wasp release data. (Personally, we think all forms in the citrus industry should be this easy to use, but that's another story for another day.)

Summary of Features

Tamarixia Tracker is a straightforward app, designed with features you need to quickly get data to the state lab

  • Site Management

    Easily set up and configure release sites. Save time completing forms by selecting grove names from a drop down box.

  • Entering Desktop Data

    Use your desktop computer to enter your wasp release data. Work with forms exactly as they appear and will be sent to the state.

  • Using the iOS App

    Collect data in the field in real-time using your iPhone and iPad. Sync data to your desktop back at the office.

  • Producing Reports

    Produce two kinds of reports: One for your releases, and another for tabulating detailed and summary count data.

  • Combine Reports

    Using Adobe PDF software, combine smaller reports into larger ones for a more complete picture of your wasp program.

  • Exporting Data

    Export into Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets and database apps for more detailed analyses of your data.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Tamarixia Tracker to see if it's right for you

How much does Tamarixia Tracker cost?

Tamarixia Tracker is free, so don't expect miracles. It's a straightforward app that does its job. We ask only that you provide feedback to us using the contact form at the top of this page when you encounter issues or have an idea on how to make it better.

How do I get support?

We don't provide any support other than occasional updates, nor do we offer troubleshooting on individual computers. However, we test before each version is released. Your best option for support is to provide comments and feedback to us and we'll do our best to work them into the next version of the app. The screencast shows you how to use the main parts of the program.

What's your license agreement?

Again, because the software is free, we don't offer any warranty for performance or merchantability of any kind. At this point, you may not redistribute the software, but you can modify it for your own use. Depending on how the project develops, we may convert to the GNU GPL v.3 license.

What are my system requirements?

Currently, the software runs on both Mac and Windows with FileMaker installed. It's tested on FileMaker v.13 and we're looking for folks to beta test on FileMaker back to v.11. We do have a standalone app for Mac users (Mavericks compatible). If there's sufficient interest, we may produce a standalone app for Windows or consider scaling a web application to make it available to everyone.

Developed independently

Tamarixia Tracker is not state-sponsored software, but we're working with them in our release program and getting feedback on the technology

Help control psyllids and greening

and get vital wasp release data to the state biological control lab using Tamarixia Tracker!

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